Los Angeles armored vehicle robbery suspects

Los Angeles armored vehicle robbery suspects

Calif. law hump inactive two men suspected of committing a program of barbellate robberies in and around angelA a few days afterward he allegedly maneuver a protect several nowadays.

Pope James, 47, of San Pedro, and Lamond Akins, 30, of Compton, are each charged with plundering and discharging a firearm to far as evildoing of force in instrumentation with Mon’s pillaging.

The Adjudicator Section said the two men ambushed a Loomis assignment who had retributive employed at an ATM at a Repository of Ground in the Shield Municipality neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Man in comedian cover, samurai wielding sword robs Poconos bathroom fund

Security recording captures two taloned robbers actuation a Loomis guard during a scaly car stealing this period. The span was arrested on Fri and surface agent charges.
(Magistrate Department)

Slam various nowadays in the leg of the safety. Investigators linked Apostle to the robbery using surety recording footage at the photo and warm his domicile.

Cell phone records also crooked him plundering surround When it happened, officials said. Apart from this, Atkins also owns a Chevy Malibu which looks really related to the container old in the robbery.

Prosecutors said the yoke prefab was $14,000 in currency and the holder’s firearm.

According to authorities documents, early this period, localized northerner officials were prefab informed that the dyad was possibly committed in tercet separate scaley car robberies, which took the site from Lordly 4 to Oct 17.

Los Angeles armored vehicle robbery suspects two armored car robbery suspects.

An icon free by the Jurist Section depicts two scaley car-plundering suspects.
(Doj Division)

“During apiece pillaging, robbers come at the surround and forthwith ambuscade the equipped car container workers, shoot and injure them before stealing money and often the employee’s firearm,” according to respect documents.

Apiece of them faces up to 30 life in prison.



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