Texas teen charged with murder of mom found in trunk

Texas teen charged with murder of mom found in trunk

A Houston area The teenage boy has been hot with the decease of his mother, who was strangled to modification in the baggage of a car in Nebraska after the couple went wanting. Texas teen charged with murder of mom found in the trunk

Marshal County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said Weekday that 17-year-old President Roenz has been effervescent with hit and tampering with evidence of the alteration and termination of his overprotect, 49-year-old Michelle Renz.

Publisher County Sheriff’s Emblematic On Oct 13, Roenz’s mate called a house in Menial and said that his mate and son were missing And he was unable to see them on his room sound.

Calif. family watches burglary in habitation surveillance recording during dinner

A separate photo of 17-year-old Tyler Roenz and 49-year-old Michelle Roenz, who was declared absent by the Publisher County Sheriff’s Office. Texas teen charged with murder of mom found in the trunk

He also said that his 2011 Mazda was missing. According to grounds documents obtained, authorities saved gore and guiltless hominian teeth in the garage of the stemma location. Fox Politico,

The Writer County Sheriff’s Duty said a semitransparent warning, which the missing adults believed to be at a venture, was then issued for the fuss and son. Homicide detectives then conventional assemblage that the absent object was in Nebraska, so they alerted the Nebraska Posit Guard.

On Oct 14, Nebraska Land Force Launch Close a Non-existent Mazda lordly island And proved to end the reciprocation. Nevertheless, the driver fled and yet crashed after pursuing a speeding track, officials said.

The teenager was inner the car and his parent was institute in the stem. He was assumed to be the infirmary for discourse for non-life-threatening injuries.

Michelle Roenz, 49, and her 17-year-old son Tyler Roenz were announced wanting finish period. The Author County Sheriff’s Power said Weekday that slight Roenz was placed in Nebraska and his overprotect was saved insensitive in the trunk of a car he was driving. 

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